Security guard incident reports depict the most essential aspect of the security industry as these reports make a huge impact on the performance evaluation of security guards.

A key responsibility of security guards is to prepare elaborate incident reports on any incident happening. However, as skills are required to prepare reports so there is no harm in learning or seeking guidance rather than making flaws and paying later as it can trigger a lot of issues. Properly defined and effective security guard incident report examples of credible IT security services companies can be quite helpful.

However, thi article might be able to provide you with effective tips to help you write and prepare well-defined incident reports.

Steps To Write The Well-Defined Security Guard Incident Reports:

1.User-Friendly Narrative

The language and narrative should be very convenient, concise and user-friendly so the audience doesn’t have to face any difficulty in comprehending the information provided whilst saving time at the same time. The language should cover all the aspects, who, what, when, where, why, and how of an incident ensuring no major details are overlooked while writing the report. The key to good incident reporting is the need of details elaborated clearly for security guarding companies.


The incident reports can later be reviewed or required by other security guards companies or other personnel, therefore, the report should be incident centric and explained perfectly. The report narrative should be clear enough for any industry to comprehend with ease as the report can also be used as evidence in a court trial.  Prevent any vague or confusing narrative or details as it might also have a financial liability.

3.Look Up Professional Reporting Structures

Rather than struggling to write, it is best to learn or seek guidance about channeling passive voice into a narrative. Look up examples of well-defined incident reports to grasp the concept and structure to write. Security guards can also go for courses to guide them to write and enhance their writing skills.

4.Report Writing Objectivity

Without any objective, it is critical to be able to narrate the clear and concise information. It isn’t necessary that the audience perceives your personal perspectives in the narrative the way you expect, therefore, they should be more realistic and based on facts rather than on your own opinions of the situation.

5.Sequential Writing

Mostly several aspects and circumstances occur during one incident, therefore, security guards should narrate reports in a sequential form using numbers or letters to enhance the clarity. Unfolding an incident in the exact same manner it occurred is the most convenient and effective way as it reduces the chances of any flaws to miss any important details.

Security guards who adapt and practice leveraging this effective form of writing are basically providing a crystal clear account for any agency requesting to review and comprehend the report.


Security guards with the required training to do report writing can easily achieve the goal towards accurate narrating. Narrating a report providing elaborated information in the appropriate sequence with the easy language to succeed. However, this skill might require development, time, and patience to nurture, but with additional courses this could achieve a much-needed boost.

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