Manned Guarding Security

We are one the leading manned guarding security companies in the UK offering vigilant guarding to diverse sectors in London. Being a trusted provider of security services, we offer well-trained, SIA-licensed, and qualified security guards who deliver high-quality services to protect your premises and effectively handle emergencies. The manned guarding services we provide include commercial guarding, construction site guarding, retail guarding, car park management, event security, concierge, and residential guarding.



We are pioneers in providing manned guarding security fulfilling the following responsibilities:


Prohibit the entry of unauthorized individuals


Secure premises against damage, illegal usage, or occupation


Maintain peace and armistice within the area being guarded


Guard individuals against injuries from external factors

Regular Reviews and Updates of SOPs


KA Services is your trusted partner for manned guarding services at the time of an emergency and protects you against any potential threats. Our team of security personnel possess the following qualities

Well-trained and SIA-licensed

Excellence communication skills


In-depth knowledge of security parameters


Extensive experience of serving in various domains and sectors

Capable of de-escalating any tense situation and handling emergencies

Versatile and multitasking

Flexible to serve in changing environments

Honest and aware of surroundings

Physically fit and honest

Have ability to rationally analyze circumstances


Detail-oriented with client-friendly approach


Self-motivated and vigilant


24/7 monitoring / customer service

Wide coverage across the UK


Unmatched expertise congregated by 15 years’ experience

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Our Manned security services offer the following benefits

  • An effective visual deterrent
  • Encounter modern security threats
  • Effectively handle security and emergencies
  • Provide a sense of security and peace of mind
  • Maintain law & order at workplace
  • Ensure strict surveillance of premises
  • Offer workplace safety under unusual circumstances
  • Ensure quick response time
  • Help build brand image
  • Ensure quick response time


We are an SIA-approved contractor and ISO 9001:2015 Certified company authorized by UKAS Management Systems and CCAS to provide security services and human resources to UK-based organizations. Our SIA-licensed security officials are well-trained and specialized in ensuring unblemished and vibrant protection for our valued clients.


Our manned guarding covers physically protecting properties, people, and assets against the threat of entry, assault, theft, or criminal damage. We have qualified and skilled security officers who actively respond to potential security breaches and effectively handle emergencies. These trained professionals offer vigilant manned guarding to detain offenders, provide first aid to the injured, control property access, monitor locations, and maintain law and order.
Being a trusted and experienced provider of security services in London, we have well-trained and SIA-licensed security professionals capable of assessing and de-escalating situations, handling emergencies, and executing standard security procedures. We train them to actively respond to threats, offer vigilant protection, identify security breaches, and operate security equipment such as metal detectors, etc.
There are many ways like background checks, licensing, client references, uniform, appearance, technology integration, contractual agreements, etc. to ensure our professional credibility.
Our security officers are authorized to maintain order on the premises and monitor suspected individuals professionally. The suspects are handed over to the police for criminal proceedings.
Unlike the rest of the manned guarding companies, KA Services is a highly-recognized provider of manned guarding known for its vigilant security, credibility, and successful track record of serving diverse customers across the UK.
No, our security guards’ job is not to perform searches; rather, they monitor, report, and deter crimes.
Yes, but they cannot perform an actual arrest; rather, they are authorized for a citizen’s arrest only. The arrested citizens are then transferred into local police custody.
Our security officers use reasonable human force to defend themselves and secure the premises. But they are not provided with any arms or weapons.
No, our security guards are unarmed and do not carry any kind of lethal or non-lethal weapons.
Yes, our highly-trained security guards can serve as first responders because they can assess and secure a scene and actively respond to emergencies.

Well-trained security guards can reduce the chances of crimes, deter unauthorized individuals from vandalizing, and ensure a high level of security.