Competitive Rates

-: We fully understand the retail environment

Given we are small, our overheads are minimal so we can offer extremely competitive rates.

Mobile Workforce

-: We fully understand the retail environment
Most of our guards drive and so are able to travel to places inaccessible through public transport.

24 Hr Access to Directors

-: We fully understand the retail environment

Our directors believe in hands on approach and are fully involved with all their contracts. They can be accessed 24/7 and are happy to act as mobile supervisors themselves if need be.

Mobile Insepectors

-: We fully understand the retail environment

We offer mobile inspection as per customer requirement.

 Emergency Cover

-: We fully understand the retail environment

We always have back up staff available and can cover your emergency requirements on a very short notice, which can be even as quick as 30 minutes.

Certified Guards

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We hire only trained and certified guards who are approved from SIA.


Professionally Trained and Certified Guards

We have professionally trained and certified guards that are highly skilled in security equipment handling and are highly knowledgeable of security procedures to be carried out. We also have well trained and experienced staff capable of handling CCTV equipment and operations ensuring comprehensive security.

Our men are not only licensed but they pass through a training process before they are put into work. This training includes their mastery in their prescribed field, and also their social responsibility towards their duty, their team, their clients, and their environment.

Suitable Rates

We do not compromise on quality and aim to provide high caliber staff at competitive rates you can afford. Nevertheless, our customers satisfaction remains our first concern and we strive for the best possible service there is.

Customer Support Group

As mentioned above we take special care of customer’s peace of mind so we have created a customer support group that is solely dedicated for our customer’s service. This group not only sees into every requirement of the concerned security service but also supervise to make sure that the task be accomplished properly.