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Manned Security

We are one of the leading manned guarding companies in the UK offering vigilant manned guarding services to diverse sectors. Being a trusted provider of security services, we offer well-trained, SIA-licensed, and qualified security guards in London that deliver high-quality manned security services to secure the premises and effectively handle emergencies. Our manned guarding security covers commercial guarding, construction site guarding, retail guarding, site evictions guarding, car park management, event security guarding, concierge security guarding, and residential guarding.

Key Responsibilities

Our Manned Security Services cover the following responsibilities:

  • Verbally challenge and deal with potential intruders
  • Send an IPM response unit or inform the police about suspicious events
  • Restrict the entry of unauthorized persons inside residential property
  • Perform initial and ongoing threat vulnerability analyses
  • Proactive program maintenance and improvement
  • Background checks for all estate staff
  • End-to-end project management

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Commercial Guarding

Site Evictions Guarding

Concierge Security Guarding

Private Property Guarding

Showrooms Guarding

Construction Site Guarding

Car Park Management

Residential Guarding

Industrial Site Guarding

Storage Facilities Guarding

Retail Guarding

Event Security Guarding

Vacant Property Guarding

Warehouse Guarding

Distribution & Logistics Guarding

Why KA Services?

Our Security guards possess the following qualities:

  • Well-trained and SIA-licensed
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Excellence communication skills
  • In-depth knowledge of security parameters
  • Extensive experience of serving in various domains and sectors
  • Capable of deescalating any tense situation and handling emergencies
  • Versatile and multitasking
  • Flexible to serve in changing environments
  • Honest and aware of surroundings
  • Physically fit and honest
  • Have ability to rationally analyze circumstances
  • Detail-oriented with client-friendly approach
  • Self-motivated and vigilant
  • Wide coverage across the UK
  • Unmatched expertise congregated by 12 years’ experience

Exclusive Benefits

Our Manned security services offer the following benefits:

  • Well-trained and SIA-licensed security officers
  • Threat assessments
  • Detection & prevention of crime
  • Onsite and random patrol
  • Residents’ protection
  • Building openings/closing
  • Security check & patrols



Retail & Commercial Security 94%
Warehousing & Distribution Security 91%
Mobile Patrol & Alarm Response 97%

Frequently Asked Questions

Our security guards keep you and your premises safe and secure by actively responding to potential security breaches. These trained professionals can detain offenders, provide first aid to the injured, control property access, monitor locations, and maintain law and order.
We have well-trained and SIA-licensed security guards capable of assessing and de-escalating situations, handling emergencies, and executing standard security procedures. We train them to actively respond to threats, identify security breaches, and operate security equipment such as metal detector, etc.
In addition to getting certified from SIA and completing advanced training courses, our security guards are subjected to thorough screening and vetting processes to ensure they are fully compliant and possess the desired professional skills.
Our security guards are authorized to maintain order on the premises and monitor suspected individuals professionally. The suspects are handed over to the police for criminal proceedings.
Unlike rest of the manned guarding companies, KA Services is a highly recognized security agency known for its vigilant security, credibility, and successful track record of serving diverse customers across the UK.

Yes, but they cannot perform an actual arrest; rather, they are authorized for a citizen’s arrest only. The arrested citizens are then transferred into local police custody.
No, our security guards’ job is not to perform searches; rather, they monitor, report, and deter crimes.
Our security guards use reasonable force to defend themselves and secure the premises.
No, our security guards are unarmed and do not carry any kind of lethal or non-lethal weapons.
Yes, our highly-trained security guards can serve as first responders because they can assess and secure a scene and actively respond to emergencies.

SIA-Approved Contractor

We are an SIA-approved contractor and ISO 9001 Certified company authorized by UKAS Management Systems and CCAS to provide security services and human resources to UK-based organizations. Our SIA-licensed security officials are well-trained and specialized in ensuring unblemished and vibrant protection to our valued clients.


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