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KA Services is one of the leading security companies in London that provide high-class security solutions and security guards in London and different parts of the UK. Our SIA-licensed & qualified security professionals ensure cost-efficiency, peace of mind, and integrity to our valued clients. Being a reputed London-based security company, we can help you counter the modern security challenges and ensure the safety & security of your employees at economical rates.KA Services (UK) Ltd is a trusted security agency in London and an SIA-approved Contractor under the Provision of Security Guarding.

KA Services (Uk) LTD is an Approved Contractor under the Provision of Security Guarding.



Being one of the reliable security companies in London, we have a team of highly qualified and experienced security officers that provides diversified security solutions to counter modern security challenges.

We are one of the leading manned guarding companies delivering high-quality manned guarding in London through well-trained, SIA-licensed, and sharp-minded security officers.

Corporate Security London

Being one of the trusted corporate security companies in London, we provide premium-level corporate solutions by using smart surveillance techniques that ensure the safety of your employees and valuable assets.

We protect your home and surroundings through customized residential security in London by stationing highly skilled residential security teams that make one of the reliable residential security companies.

Concierge Security

Our SIA-certified and professionally-trained security officers provide standard or luxury concierge security in London that ensures peace of mind for staff.

Retail Security

Being a reliable security company, our well-trained staff with unbeatable cross-sector knowledge can provide vigilant retail security in London and effectively handle emergencies.

Building Site Security

Our building site security in London allows risk-free continuity of operations through advanced surveillance techniques and smart construction site security solutions.

We are a trusted key holding company in London and keep spare keys of your property in a secure environment to overcome any potential risk to human lives and property.

We guarantee first-class and diversified event security services in London to help you arrange your festivals, parties, and indoor or outdoor events securely and make your gatherings memorable.

We offer inclusive CCTV monitoring services in London that provide proactive surveillance, secure your premises, prevent vandalism, and enhance the safety of employees.

We ensure resilient protection at economical price.

Our Competitive Edge


KA Services inspired me by the professional acumen and diligence of its personnel. I strongly recommend others to partner with KA Services to get skilled security professionals.
Scott Honeywell, Security Contracts Manager
The vigilant security solutions provided by well-trained & energetic security professionals of KA services gave me mental satisfaction and remarkable confidence in their services.
Shaun Dignam, Tunnel Maintenance & Operations Project Planner


Yes, KA Services is a London-based security company and an SIA-approved contractor. We are an ISO-9001 organization affiliated with UKAS Management systems and ICO.

Yes, all our security officers are SIA-licensed and possess various national and international certifications related to security services that help us gain a competitive advantage over other security companies in London.

After completing the mandatory SIA-approved training courses, security officers are issued an SIA-badge before applying to KA Services. To ensure the provision of skilled security guards in London, the applicants are thoroughly scrutinized based on their qualifications, personal and professional skills, and management skills along with security clearances.

In addition to the mandatory SIA-approved training, we offer special on-site training and different courses covering state laws and general security procedures to ensure the provision of vigilant security services in London.

To remain ahead of the rest of the security companies in London, we select security staff purely on merit and excellence. We shortlist the most suitable candidates from a large talent pool, scrutinize their abilities through various tests and interviews, and hire the right professionals with project-specific skills.

Since we are a London-based security company, we calculate the cost of our security services considering several factors such as site location, the required number of resources, approximate project duration, the total number of hours, specific duty requirements, and other contributions.

We are one of the leading security companies in London specialized in providing security services and resources in manned guarding, corporate security, residential security, concierge security, building site security, retail security, key-holding services, event security, instant alarm response, and CCTV monitoring services.

Yes, we can provide you with your desired number of security guards in London in less than 24 hours.

To provide vigilant security services in London, all staff members of KA Services follow a well-defined organizational structure that defines roles and responsibilities for each personnel. Security supervisors remain in contact with their subordinates using advanced communication tools and demand regular updates. Control room executives monitor activities 24/7 and provide necessary assistance to both customers and security guards.

We are a London-based security company providing security to diverse organizational sectors across the UK.

Yes, our experts conduct an extensive internal investigation of applicants analyzing their prior employment, criminal record, and personal references. Our comprehensive vetting process makes us superior to other security companies in London.

Being a well-reputed security agency in London, we offer a police-style uniform to our security staff with company logo and badge. However, customers can also request for plain-cloth security officers.

We have been providing high-class and vigilant security services in London for more than 12 years.

We provide well-trained and highly qualified security guards in London capable of meeting modern security challenges and handling complex security projects with efficiency, reliability, and professionalism.

Yes, we are a professional security agency in London and sign a security services agreement outlining the terms and conditions. The purpose of signing an agreement is to ensure transparency and respect the mutual benefits of both parties.

Since we are a London-based security company, you can reach out to us at the following address. Our contact details are as follows.


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