Meet Our People

We share the values of our community

We are proud of our multidisciplinary and inclusive team that comprises highly qualified, deterrent, and experienced professionals who strive hard to deliver excellence and exceed your expectations.

Abdullah Khawaja
Abdullah KhawajaDirector Administration
Abdullah Khawaja is a visionary entrepreneur with outstanding leadership skills. His comprehensive knowledge of business administration helps KA Services deliver excellence.

Kamran Ghafoor
Kamran GhafoorDirector Finance
Kamran Ghafoor plays a key role in the corporate governance system. Having extensive working experience, he implements policies by making key decisions and exercising diligence.

Imran Fazal
Imran FazalOperation Manager
Imran Fazal responsible for interacting with customers and resolving their issues, monitoring projects, making strategic plans, evaluating performance, and overseeing day-to-day operations.

Dean John
Dean JohnBusiness Development Manager
Dean John is a creative and result-oriented executive who inspires customers with his excellent interpersonal and communication skills and plays a key role in building our brand image.

Kamran Ramzan
Kamran RamzanBusiness Development Manager
Kamran Ramzan develops marketing strategies, interacts with potential customers, explores new growth opportunities, and increase the value of current customers through collaboration and teamwork.


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