KA services is a responsible company which caters to the needs of others around it; everything that is directly or indirectly related with our company or affected from our business. We hold ourselves accountable for our people, our community, our customers, our stakeholders and the environment. Therefore we adopt integrity, honesty, and faith in every field of our business. We make policies that are beneficial for our present and future stakeholders.

The Environment

Healthy environment means healthy people. Therefore we have taken measures in which we have tried our best that nothing of the tasks we undertake prove hazardous to our environment. Educating our staff on this and educating them to help the clients in improving their environment is the aim of the idea.

Our people

Our people make KA services. Protecting our people and making things comfortable is always one of our foremost priorities. Their health and safety, their well being, their development, and guarding their respect are our responsibilities. We give our people equal opportunities in order to make best use of their potentials.

For all this we make sure that

  • All our clients are treated equally without any discrimination on grounds of race, colour, creed, gender or religion. In this respect we also make sure that every of our client get equal opportunity to make best use of his or her potential.
  • To practice all this we undergo a training program for our staff so that they respect each other and take responsibilities. Therefore, we respect the standards mentioned in the universal declaration of human rights.
  • We ensure that the working environment of our people is healthy and safe for our employees.
  • KA services arranges monthly meetings for the employees where they can discuss any problems they face and give suggestions for the improvement of every kind of business we do.


We show interest in community activities to build a reliable atmosphere between the community and the company. We also encourage our employees to volunteer in community businesses. Thus we always intend to participate in charitable programmes arranged by different volunteer groups.

We also help the community by providing employment opportunities to people coming in the circle of our operating area.