Manned Security

Safety is our aim and so we do it. We provide you best guarding resources available with professionally trained, uniformed guards, who are experts in security procedures and its equipment handling. We provide manned security in the following fields:

  • Static security
  • Event security
  • Mobile supervisors
  • CCTV operators

Static Security

We provide you static security guards who take responsibility of your safety. Always ready and alert our static security guards are on the move for the protection of the given area constantly keeping an eye on every personnel or vehicle that passes through your premises.

Event security

Our guards are experts in managing crowds and maintaining full control over any situation with calmness and professionalism. KA Servies has extensive experience in Event Security. As a sub contractor, KA Services has provided security at the events of:

  • Twickenham Stadium
  • Isle of Wight Festival
  • Reading Festival
  • Leads festival
  • Portsmouth Trafalgar 2000 event

Mobile supervisors

Where manned guarding is unneeded we provide you with mobile patrols for random visits to your premises. This security is provided for both residential and business places.

Random visits

The sudden arrival of mobile patrols with uniformed guards operating would prove deterrent for criminals. These visits would be paid at frequencies agreed upon according to our customer's requirement. Moreover, the visits would be paid at different times of day and through the night where our guards would assure interior along with the exterior security. From keeping an eye on the workers, to checking locks of the windows, doors, and gates, to switching off lights or main power switches.

CCTV Operators

'CCTV cameras have proved their utility over time by providing a good replacement to permanent man guarding in areas where CCTV is more suitable as the whole activity could be observed from the control room. The installation of the cameras act as a deterrent to criminals and in case of security concerns such as vandalism, the information gathered could easily be given to police..